Sunday, August 26, 2012

When I was younger

Years and years ago, when Grandpa and I were younger, I had this dream. All (or almost all) I dreamed of was having a big family with a bunch of kids running around making noise and being very vitale.
I grew up surrounded by younger kids, not real siblings, but kids I loved so much they were like my own siblings anyway. I spent almost all my spear time with these kids.

Of course I was not sure I could have any kids on my own, so I planned to adopt my kids and in that way help out children who were in need of parents.

Well, life doesn't always turn out to be the way you plan it or dream of.
I met the man of my life. He wasn't really ready for adopting children (it seems that has changed now) and not for having a whole bunch of them either.

But at least he wanted kids.
And suddenly I was pregnant. I'm not quite sure hubby was as excited as I was when we looked at the ultra sound screen and saw two little heads. We were expecting a tiny bunch of kids on our very first try!
Three years later I was pregnant again. This time as well we expected twins, but our daughters twin didn't make it.

The bunch of kids I dreamed of felt complete. Though I always said I wanted five kids, we were both very happy to have these wonderful three ones.
I have to be honest to say I sometimes dream of a quiet home, a place where kids play in harmony all the time, where the kids help out with house keeping and stuff and where nobody is running around making noise.
It seems my dreams are a bit different than they used to be!
But I'm also fully aware that my three yelling, running, fighting, shouting, and very active children are all perfectly healthy! Can I dream of anything else?

Friday, August 24, 2012

There is something I want to show you

Remember I told you we had our vacation in California this summer too?

Well, I've tried to make a few scrapbook pages from our trip. This first one is from our two days in Universal Studios, Hollywood. We had a blast - and the kids favorite rides were the Transformers ride, Jurasic park, King Kong and the Water World show.

We've never been to Sequoia until this year. Wow - the trees are huge and I'm amazed how resistant they are to fire. Some of them really looked like it was all burned out, but still they were sprouting and growing new branches!
The Moro Rock trail makes a funny name if you know Norwegian, but even in English it was a nice hike in the midst of the forest of gigant trees. And the view from the top of the Moro rock was stunningly beautiful!

On our drive to Sequoia we passed Lake Kaweah. The next day we rented a boat wannabe and went for a ride on the lake. The water temperature was very good and we swam and played a lot in the water. Every now and then big fish kept popping out of the water. And of course the kids were thrilled to drive the boat themselves :)

Saturday, August 11, 2012


So many people have seen me along my route now so I guess it's official. I'm a runner! I'm not a fast runner, not a technically good runner, not a friendly runner nor a very enthusiastically runner. But I still run.
Some days are ok, some are not. My asthma doesn't actually play along with me. But I still hope that in a while my lungs will handle this better. And if my God is for me, then who can ever stop me?

I have to tell you a little bit more about my runs and why I'm not a friendly runner. A couple of days ago my three kids and hubby were at a soccer practice. I did my workout and ran past the soccer field on my way home. I thought they'd already left by then, but I happened to pass in the moment they were about to leave. The kids called me and I waved my hand to them. Then they ran up alongside and started cheering and talking. I felt this great anger and the only thing I saw and heard were these annoying kids. No answer, no smile - only running.

It's sort of funny to see how much being exhausted affects me! We've had a conversation about this and the kids now know that trying to be nice should wait until I finished the run ;-) And we all laugh about how stupid a mom can get while running.
And for me, I'll have to work on being a bit more friendly during my runs. I keep hoping it'll come with me getting fitter, but who knows?

Monday, August 6, 2012

It's been a while

Ever since I stopped updating this blog, and even before that, life has been bussy. 
We've had our great vacation in California this summer and I've started running. I think that might be the biggest news.
When I update my Facebook page, people keep reminding me vacation is over. Most people say "back to normal life" or in Norwegian: "Tilbake til hverdagen". That makes me think - what does normal life mean?
What is normal? Is normal life the things we do more than once? Because in my life I keep doing things that other people would not call normal. Yes, I walk my kids to school every morning - that is quite normal. But still there are so many things going on in my life that would probably not be considered normal. But these things keep going on, over and over. That is my "normal life". So maybe normal life is more about the obligations? More about the must-dos than about what is considered more normal and what is less? But then again - what is vacation? Is that the life with no obligations? 
Well I still have to pay the mortgage, I still have the responsibility of my kids and my own actions, I still   have laundry to do, we still need food etc. etc. So after all vacation is as normal as normal life! But I can't say normal life is a vacation!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Family biking

Now the snow is melting fast. The cycle tracks are almost all bare. Therefor we decided to prepare our bikes for the very first ride of the season. A family ride to a place some kilometers from here. We should have brought some bread for the ducks but we didn't think it through before we left home.

It was a bit chilly - actually a lot colder than I thought it was going to be. But it was good. And the sun was shining brightly all the time. Everyone loved the trip.

Monday, April 9, 2012

A few glimpses from our holidays

If you've read my earlier blog posts you know I almost gave up the hope for more snow.
Well since then, we've had loads of more snow!
Actually the ski resorts were closed for the season and then reopened!
Most of my friends were ready for the spring to come and was no longer wanting any more snow. But some of my prayers were heard and answered just the way I wanted them to be!
This means we were able to fill our holidays with family activities. Activities we all love and appreciate.
We've been sledding, XC skiing and downhill skiing.
Here are a few pics to give you a glimpse of what we've been doing.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We have all the rain gear there is, but sunshine is lurking around the corner!

I can't remember one singel day the last three weeks with no rain or snow.
That means we have had our pools and puddles in the backyard. But now it seems the ground is getting used to it and sucks it all up.
We don't have showers of rain - this has been one big never ending shower of rain!
Every morning the choice is easy. We choose rain boots, rain coats, and rain pants. Mittens should be waterproof.

No problem jump roping in the rain and puddles!

Water in the bucket is always a success!

Water guns can be lots of fun also on colder days!

But suddenly in the middle of all the rain and all the gloomy days some sun shows up anyway!

Like today when my two 10 year olds came home from school. One of them jumping into my lap and telling me how much he loves me! And both of them being so full of smile and hugs, so full of happiness and warmth. Wow this seriously is sunshine in my life!

Or my little nephew running toward me and totally embracing me with his little arms when I come to pick them up!

Or what about my princess not stopping hugging me when I tell her goodnight!

And last but not least my youngest nephew laughing on the top of his lungs because I make some funny sounds at the dinner table!

I have so much sunshine in my life though the rain keeps pouring down here. And ok, I'll admit I would like some sunny days, but I can live for quite a long time with the sunshine the kids give me too!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy birthday princess!

7 years ago a beautiful girl was born. She was so much bigger than her brothers were three years earlier. Still she was so little, so fragile and with so many challenges.
Now she is the most beautiful 7 year old in this world. Fragile to me, but quite robust though.
She was so happy when we came in to her room this morning, singing Happy birthday.
And she loved having her birthday dinner with our substitute grandparents. The only catch was daddy couldn't be with us.
But we already celebrated with him before he left for the US.
We ended the day sitting in her bed reading about the little princess Lillifee - a book she just loves as she loves the Fancy Nancy books. I can't believe my baby just turned seven!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's been raining cats and dogs for weeks

I'm so longing for colder weather, light and beautiful snow falling from the sky making perfect skiing conditions. But it seems like I'm waiting in vain.
I just can't put the winter behind me yet - it doesn't feel right. Sunday my hope increased when it suddenly started snowing big, peaceful snowflakes.
But it only lasted until next morning.

Maybe I'll be better off if I wait for the spring because so far most of the snow in our backyard is gone. Well no - it's not gone, it just looks a bit different and feels very different too.
It looks like this:

It just turned into a lake. And as we all know, lakes are funny for little boys and not so little boys ;-)

Little boys also love puddles. 

But most of all it is interesting to know where the water goes!
Here little big brother is peeking through the manhole cover to make sure everything is in order down there.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy birthday!

Ten years ago I gave birth to the most beautiful two little boys this world has ever seen!
So perfect with their little toes and fingers everything so wonderfully good.
Since then we have had ups and downs. We have had good days and not so good days. We have been crying and laughing. Raising kids is not an easy task.
But though it is not easy it still comes with so much joy! Seeing them grow stronger, older, brighter and more independent, is both good and frightening at the same time. In so many ways they are som mature. Still they are so immature in so many other ways.
Being a mother is like going for a ride on a roller coaster.

Today the Norwegian and the Malagasy flags are flapping from our balcony in honor to celebrate our boys.
I love to see them on the mornings of their birthdays. Their lying there on their beds, eyes ajar, waiting for us to come in and sing Happy birthday.
This morning Princess gave them the most wanted gift these days! They got their bows and arrows. Not real crossbows, but still pretty fancy bows. They also got a pair of skis each. So far they've had waxless skis. But it definitely was about time to get on non-waxless XC skis.

Now I'm just waiting for the rain to stop pouring down. We're celebrating with about twenty boys outdoors tonight. BBQ-ing, skiing, playing and having fun.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

More skiing

I just have to show you the beautiful weather we were blessed with today!

Another lousy pic from the iPhone, but it certainly shows the weather.

Monday, February 27, 2012

XC skiing and playing in the snow

First of all: Sorry for the horribly poor pics - all taken with the iPhone...
Here are the older kids skiing, and behind them are mom and dad coming towing one little kid each in their sleds.

There were tons of snow and we dug deep in for the fire.

The boys dug a "shelter" and princess made a throne :-) Little big boy was trying to carry all the big snow lumps he could find, and toss them.

Baby boy spent most of the hike sleeping in the pulk.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ice fishing

It's been cold the last week - very cold. But that doesn't stop us when there is a scout trip scheduled.
We were so happy yesterday to have some of the long anticipated snow. It's been very icy, hard ski tracks, not much fun to do outside lately. Now we have real winter again.

We skied through the woods on our way to the lake where we'd decided to go fishing.
The lake was sealed under ice and about 4 inches of powder snow on top. Beautiful!

We drilled some holes through the ice, sat our lines and waited, and waited. We were hoping for some trout or char, but no fish were biting today.

So we had to prepare our brought along food on the open fire. It was good, but of course it would have been even better with a taste of fish ;-)

Here on our way to the lake, fascinated by some huge icicles hanging from a cliff.

 One boy holding the tiny jigging rod.

Princess has made her own rod - a line, a lure and a jig is all you need ;-)

Well, after a while you just have to sit down.

The boys drilling another hole through the ice.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gymnastics requires some mommy skills

Princess has been asking for months to start a gymnastic class.  Well, two weeks ago she started.
We bought her a pink "leotard" with a little skirt on it from H&M. In a class 7-10 years old (she is still six) she certainly turned out to be the only one wearing a childish outfit like that.
She told me it was perfectly fine with a t-shirt and a pair of leggings, but her eyes twinkled when she talked about the big girl leotards.
I checked the prices and the conclusion was simple: No fancy leotard bought for $80-100. But the leotard was still her desire. Suddenly I got an idea; I could make her one! Fancy that!
Off I went to buy some suitable fabric and accessories. The sewing pattern was going to be the childish leotard we already had.
I quickly figured I had enough fabric for two different kinds of leotards, so I dove in headfirst, cut the fabric and sew it all together.
Both of them ended up a little bit big, but better big than little.

Now Princess is looking forward to her next lesson! Unfortunately I can't go with her and take her pictures, I have to work instead...
But here are some pics from tonight:

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hi! I'm still alive!

I haven't been writing much lately. There is a lot going on in my life and it just does not make me feel like writing.
I have no pictures from any occasion except from a few from work.
I'm usually quite active online, writing on a board or on Facebook. But I haven't felt like doing it much for a while.
The good thing is: Instead of surfing online I've been knitting, and trying to finish some of all the thousands of knitting projects I once started. Eventually I put the finishing touches on Princess' dress.
Unfortunately I got this bad idea of putting it in the washer. I should have known better!
Out of the washer came a tiny, felted doll dress, nice and warm.

Well I put it in a sink, added some conditioner, swished the dress in the water and hoping for the fibers to soften and relax. I stretched and reshaped it the best I could. The result isn't as bad as it could have been, but it's still not what I expected the dress to be. More of a tunic somehow.
I'll try to remember a picture one day.

A storm is rushing by. It's rumbling and howling around the house corners. It's all icy outside. The ski tracks are hard and there is nothing to do out there.
And in this funny weather I'll have my much-needed day off from work tomorrow. That wouldn't be a big deal to me if it was only me having a day off. But nope - both school and ASP have their planning day tomorrow. I hope the weather will be better by the morning, because we have to go out there doing something but staring at the wall.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Downhill skiing

We crossed the boarder to our neighbor country Sweden today. Of course this wasn't for crossing the boarder itself, but for skiing. Yes we go to Sweden because the lift tickets are a lot less expensive there.
The kids have been asking for this a long time, so this morning we finally met their wish and loaded the car. Our car isn't that little, but with 5 pairs of downhill ski boots, four pairs of poles, five helmets, five pairs of ski goggles, three back protectors (shame on the parents), 5 pairs of winter pants, five warm jackets, tons of gloves and mittens, some food and a reindeer skin to sit on, the trunk was brimming.
At last we were all set and headed for abroad :)

Tickets bought, ready to go!

No fear! I'm so impressed to see how well the kids handle their skis, the snow, the hills, the lift and everything. And their skiing looks quite good too ;-)
The boys are 9 years old. They wanted to go everywhere all by themselves. I didn't feel free to do so, but they love jumps and stuff that I pass over. So my attempts to keep them close to me or their dad all the time partly backfired. We had to let them feel a bit free.
The result was they were so happy about it that they kept waiting for us at the top or the bottom of the hills fairly often.
I rode with our 6 year old and she's fast, but yet not as fast as the the boys.
But it's so funny to see how much she loves this! 
At the lift she looks at me, we lock eyes and in an eager voice she says: "I wanna ride until tomorrow morning!"
Well I have to admit I'm glad they close at night because riding with my 6 year old on the T-bar surface lift is some challenge to my thigh muscles...

If there only were some chairlifts!

Family on ice

The boys were invited to a birthday party today. There wasn't much time to do anything before they had to leave, so we decided to go to the ice rink for the very first time this season. It hasn't really been cold enough for the ice to last over there. But now it is! I was a bit worried the skates wouldn't fit the fast growing feet of my kids, but it turned out to be a happy ending. No new skates needed this winter.

Off we went, and despite the thin layer of snow on the ice, we had fun. Our skills hasn't been in use for some months, and we could tell, but after a while we all felt better.

Sister met a friend on the ice rink too, and that was a lot funnier than being chased by her brothers.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Accumulation of financial assets in accordance with the extraordinary efforts to the company, The Family LLC

There are 5 employees all hired, more or less willingly, to provide labor to The Family LLC.
No one receives salary but can accumulate financial compensation for individual services and extraordinary efforts.

This means the three younger employees now have a form on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door, where they check mark each time they've performed a specified task. Each of the tasks has a value, and every now and then they receive their payment in cash.

Do you have any idea of what such a system can cause?

Well, the younger employees have daily fights about who's going to set the table, who's shoveling the snow, who's walking the dog (oh, no we don't have a dog!), who's bringing the laundry to the launrdy room etc.
In other words: A great system!

Late night skiing

I was out there in winter wonderland skiing tonight.
The calm feeling of being the only person in the world was so good where I was skiing between the snow-laden trees in the woods where there barely were ski tracks at all. The powdery snow causes such a good silence and I was hoping to see a hare or a fox, or maybe a moose staring at me from between the trees. That, of course, didn't happen. If they were still awake, they probably were all far gone due to my headlamp.

If this wonderland lasts, I'll bring my camera tomorrow. I have to show you all how stunningly beautiful this is.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

As you all probably know

We went skiing several times last year. Doesn't that sound like it's ages ago?
Well, our last trip was four days ago.
Here are some photos from a couple of the days.

Inspiria Science Center

In Sarpsborg there is a scientific recreation and learning centre of technology, natural sciences and mathematics.
We were lucky to have tickets for this center for Christmas! 
In the science center we were encouraged to learn by experimenting and exploring the interactive exhibits. It was great fun for the whole family.

Here are some photos.
As I said: Fun for everyone

A radio recording :)

Two sisters having fun in front of the heat-seeking camera 
On a windy day

Doing the weather forecast on television. Photo taken of the TV screen.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy new year!

I wish you all the best for the new year! Greetings to everyone!

And of course there will be some photos from our latest XCskiings - but not now. That'll be later :)