Friday, August 24, 2012

There is something I want to show you

Remember I told you we had our vacation in California this summer too?

Well, I've tried to make a few scrapbook pages from our trip. This first one is from our two days in Universal Studios, Hollywood. We had a blast - and the kids favorite rides were the Transformers ride, Jurasic park, King Kong and the Water World show.

We've never been to Sequoia until this year. Wow - the trees are huge and I'm amazed how resistant they are to fire. Some of them really looked like it was all burned out, but still they were sprouting and growing new branches!
The Moro Rock trail makes a funny name if you know Norwegian, but even in English it was a nice hike in the midst of the forest of gigant trees. And the view from the top of the Moro rock was stunningly beautiful!

On our drive to Sequoia we passed Lake Kaweah. The next day we rented a boat wannabe and went for a ride on the lake. The water temperature was very good and we swam and played a lot in the water. Every now and then big fish kept popping out of the water. And of course the kids were thrilled to drive the boat themselves :)

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