Monday, February 27, 2012

XC skiing and playing in the snow

First of all: Sorry for the horribly poor pics - all taken with the iPhone...
Here are the older kids skiing, and behind them are mom and dad coming towing one little kid each in their sleds.

There were tons of snow and we dug deep in for the fire.

The boys dug a "shelter" and princess made a throne :-) Little big boy was trying to carry all the big snow lumps he could find, and toss them.

Baby boy spent most of the hike sleeping in the pulk.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ice fishing

It's been cold the last week - very cold. But that doesn't stop us when there is a scout trip scheduled.
We were so happy yesterday to have some of the long anticipated snow. It's been very icy, hard ski tracks, not much fun to do outside lately. Now we have real winter again.

We skied through the woods on our way to the lake where we'd decided to go fishing.
The lake was sealed under ice and about 4 inches of powder snow on top. Beautiful!

We drilled some holes through the ice, sat our lines and waited, and waited. We were hoping for some trout or char, but no fish were biting today.

So we had to prepare our brought along food on the open fire. It was good, but of course it would have been even better with a taste of fish ;-)

Here on our way to the lake, fascinated by some huge icicles hanging from a cliff.

 One boy holding the tiny jigging rod.

Princess has made her own rod - a line, a lure and a jig is all you need ;-)

Well, after a while you just have to sit down.

The boys drilling another hole through the ice.