Monday, August 6, 2012

It's been a while

Ever since I stopped updating this blog, and even before that, life has been bussy. 
We've had our great vacation in California this summer and I've started running. I think that might be the biggest news.
When I update my Facebook page, people keep reminding me vacation is over. Most people say "back to normal life" or in Norwegian: "Tilbake til hverdagen". That makes me think - what does normal life mean?
What is normal? Is normal life the things we do more than once? Because in my life I keep doing things that other people would not call normal. Yes, I walk my kids to school every morning - that is quite normal. But still there are so many things going on in my life that would probably not be considered normal. But these things keep going on, over and over. That is my "normal life". So maybe normal life is more about the obligations? More about the must-dos than about what is considered more normal and what is less? But then again - what is vacation? Is that the life with no obligations? 
Well I still have to pay the mortgage, I still have the responsibility of my kids and my own actions, I still   have laundry to do, we still need food etc. etc. So after all vacation is as normal as normal life! But I can't say normal life is a vacation!

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