Saturday, September 18, 2010

Show off time :)

Here we go!
This is the overall or baby suit I'm knitting. Lots of braiding. And I promise you - this is nothing for a relaxing night in front of the TV. I've been knitting backward a lot, just because I was watching TV while knitting... The sleeves are left - at least one of them : )

And theese are the fabrics I bought for the sleeping bag:
Outside brown nd inside green.

I'm also planning a dress for my daughter, and I hope this will make a good one.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm still knitting!

Yes, I am!
Still knitting for my little nephew - or the truth is - he isn't that little anymore!
2 days ago he was about 7 weeks old and about 6,2 kg or 13,6 lb. That's a pretty big boy!

Anyway he needs some wool for the atumn and winter coming up.
I've promised to knit a pair of pants that goes with the jacket I made for him. But I found a one piece suit I just had to make first... So that's what I'm trying to finish up now. Then I'll focus on the pants again.

And by the way - I promised to make a winter sleeping bag that fits in the buggy too. So today I'm off to find som fabric I can use for a neat sleeping bag. It's been a long time since I even touched the sewing machine!

I'll show you what I find!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I have to show you

I shot this pic a while ago - the day the boys started 3rd grade.
I just have to show you their new backpacks.
They are very proud of them, picked them out themselves and had them as a gift from all the grandparents.

In this area all the 1st graders get an orange backpack from the county. This is a project to uniform all the firstgraders, and more important, to make them more visible to the drivers.
But somehow it turned out wearing this orange backpack in 2nd grade is emberassing, and nobody wants to do it.
Usually second graders get a brand new backpack for their second school year. But of course not our kids. They didn't attend second grade here in Norway, so they therefore "had to" have a new backpack for starting third grade.
That's the story, and here they are:

Sunday, September 5, 2010

At work yesterday

Yesterday I was working again.
We invited all the 14 year olds to a pilgrimage walkabout along the pilgrim way nearby.
We stopped to hear about the pilgrims and to draw lines between their life long time ago and our lives today.
It was a beautiful hike in wonderful weather.

Here are som pics

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I promised

Yes I did!
I promised to show you a couple of pictures!

Here we are eating our breakfast outside a grocery store in the southern part of Norway. We are getting ready for the wedding later.

The children are ready, dressed in their national costumes.

This is the hat I just made.

And here is the jacket.

I admit

It has been a very long time.
I promised myself not to forget my blog when I came back to Norway. And in fact, I haven't. I've been thinking a lot about the blog, but there are so many things I want to do besides my full time job.

The calendar says September today! That's kind of crazy. It means fall is here. The mornings are not just chilly, but really cold! 5 degrees C or 41 F. It's raining.
But the good thing is that we still have long days. The nights still have daylight until about 9 PM, and the mornings are bright too.

I snuggle on the couch with my knitting these days - when I'm not working late. It is pretty cozy.
By the way - I want to show you some of my knitting projects. I just made a baby jacket and a hat. The scarf, mittens, socks and pants are about to be made too. And I started a one piece baby suit too. Very different from what I usually make, but I hope it's going to be very good.

When it comes to pictures, the cameras have had a vacation... I haven't been shooting much lately except from the last weekend when we were in a wedding and a baptism. Well, I'll try to show you some of my stuff.

Uploading pics has to be some other time anyway, so wait and see!