Sunday, August 26, 2012

When I was younger

Years and years ago, when Grandpa and I were younger, I had this dream. All (or almost all) I dreamed of was having a big family with a bunch of kids running around making noise and being very vitale.
I grew up surrounded by younger kids, not real siblings, but kids I loved so much they were like my own siblings anyway. I spent almost all my spear time with these kids.

Of course I was not sure I could have any kids on my own, so I planned to adopt my kids and in that way help out children who were in need of parents.

Well, life doesn't always turn out to be the way you plan it or dream of.
I met the man of my life. He wasn't really ready for adopting children (it seems that has changed now) and not for having a whole bunch of them either.

But at least he wanted kids.
And suddenly I was pregnant. I'm not quite sure hubby was as excited as I was when we looked at the ultra sound screen and saw two little heads. We were expecting a tiny bunch of kids on our very first try!
Three years later I was pregnant again. This time as well we expected twins, but our daughters twin didn't make it.

The bunch of kids I dreamed of felt complete. Though I always said I wanted five kids, we were both very happy to have these wonderful three ones.
I have to be honest to say I sometimes dream of a quiet home, a place where kids play in harmony all the time, where the kids help out with house keeping and stuff and where nobody is running around making noise.
It seems my dreams are a bit different than they used to be!
But I'm also fully aware that my three yelling, running, fighting, shouting, and very active children are all perfectly healthy! Can I dream of anything else?

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