Thursday, October 28, 2010

A bad blog keeper

That's me!
I'm not shooting much these days, and when I do, there are not lots of keepers among my photos.
Hope it will be better. Hope for some bright and cold days because I just love the bright and cold morning light!
I still have some pics in my memory card, guess there are a few to be prosessed. But when?

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I've been to an awesome conference.
Open your arms and warmly welcome Grethe! Give me a hand!
Now I'm practicing showing off and making people se me and commend me for who I am and what I do!
I had a great time, learning and spending time with friends from the collage years and coworkers.
Thank's to everyone for making these days so good!

And coming home was also an experience itself. Everything was covered by quite a layer of white powdery snow. Beautiful, but very cold!
It seems like winter is here. But I guess it's just a few days before the icicles and the snow are all gone.

Hope the weather is going to be like this for some days, because I'm so ready for some good winter shots with my camera!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Lots of weather

While some members of this family is enjoying the tropical climate in places the others are loning for, we have to accept wind, sleet and even big stones of hail.

But I have to tell you I love the colors of this season! And the rainbow that showed up yesterday was stunningly beautiful!
When the ground is covered by leaves of all different colors, the trees are becoming naked but still keeps a little bit of its beauty. It's awesome! It makes me smile!

I love the fall, as I love the diversity of all the seasons!

Monday, October 4, 2010

On our walk to preschool this morning

My 5 years old daugther was in a very good mood this morning, and the walk to preschool was a pleasure.
Usually she rides her bike, but this morning she planned going home with one of her friends after preschool, and figured out biking was not a good idea.
I'm glad she made that decision today. I'm pretty sure the storm would have blown my big girl off of her bike.
The funny thing was all the leaves falling. Nope, falling is not a good word. Flying is much better. To her amusement the leaves flew around our heads. It was hilarious seeing her joy over such little things, while she were dancing toward preschool. And she was singing "Leaves are falling, leaves are falling, on he ground, onthe ground. Red and green and yellow, red and green and yellow, orange and brown, orange and brown."
Kids way of enjoying life and the simple pleasures makes me remember how much I can learn from my wonderful children!

And yesterday I promised to come up with some pictures from our camping.
Here they are:

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A great weekend!

We loaded all our backpacks with foods, tent, sleeping bags, sleeping pads and tons of warm clothes. We carried it all for about a mile until we found a great place to camp and pitch our tent.
The sun shone brightly, the temperature was pretty good, but it was quite windy.
But the wind could not stop five kids from 3 to 9 and four grown ups from enjoying.
Sitting around the camp fire listening to the sparks that crackles around the fire and the wind in the treetops, it feels so good! I just can't help loving that feeling of living, that feeling of being free!

Then comes the night. The tent makes a perfect shelter from the wind. We all snuggle in our sleeping bags waiting for the sleep to come. For the kids there seem to be no problems. The grown ups have a bit more trouble. I lie and listen to the kids breathing and the wind trying to lift up the whole tent. I'm glad the tent stacks are firmly rooted in the ground because the wind does not go easy on us!
The wind dies down a bit and my daugther is coughing, I am coughing too - as silent as possible, not to wake up all the others.
The zipper of the tent opens, someone has to go... I prefere to stay in my sleeping bag.
Everything becomes qiuet again and I try to fall asleep. Then some tiny little birds start chirping, a beautiful song to praise the very early morning and the raindrops I can clearly hear falling on the tent.
From now I must have fallen asleep for a short while. The kids are suddenly all awake. So are everybody else.

Halleluja! It's a new morning!
Time for another fire, fetching water, making porridge for breakfast.
We continue eating. And right before we are all ready to head home, it suddenly pours. Within minutes we all get soaked. I'm glad we have good clothes!

There will be pics - but not now :)

Friday, October 1, 2010