Monday, July 18, 2011

Wildlife and not so wild life

I have to tell you a secret: Work isn't half as addictive as vacation! I love sunny days, beach life, pool life, flip flops, sleeveless, shorts and so forth. The only thing I can think of that I don't like that much about all this, is the sunscreen. Having all the kids and myself sunscreened every day that's a hassle.
But don't get me wrong: I still love sunny days!

About a week ago we were on the beach. To be exact we were at the state park part of Huntington beach. Hubby was out walking with the camera on his way to find some surfers. The kids were digging in the sand. Suddenly I spot a few dolphins not very far from shore. I love dolphins almost as much as I love sunny days, and every time I see them it just makes my day :)

Wasn't expecting to spot any dolphins (except my three human dolphins aged 6, 9 and 9) off shore here in Norway.
Here are my dolphins, by the way:

After watching the kids play around in and out of the water for a while, we went over to the pier, and they had fun pencil diving, doing cannon balls , belly flops (ouch!) and other creative jumps and dives.

Boogie boarding is also a great activity even there are no incoming waves ;-)
You can lay on them paddling or sitting is fun as well.
I have to be honest. The kids have fun much longer than the adults. We sort of get tired of sitting there - did I mention the water was freezing cold? I put my toe in and that was all.

We are ready to grab all our stuff and head home when there is a bunch of birds over our heads. I think there were three seagulls chasing something bigger. For some reason I thought it was a hawk. But no. When I came home I had to look for pictures of different birds, and it certainly is a white-tailed eagle! Wow! Just the same feeling as spotting the dolphins!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Beaches are fun :)

Picture post.
Buried in the sand. First we buried one of the boys and covered his head with a towel. We tricked the other two, and told them we couldn't find him. They didn't see him even he was inches away.
And of course all of them wanted to be buried after that.